Where can we take you?

THE DREAM: Colorful sights. Distinctive sounds. And sumptuous cultural cuisine of exotic destinations around the world. It’s the dream vacation you’ve long desired.

THE PLANNING: Allow us to plan all the exciting details for you. As your personal travel concierge, we offer a customized itinerary, expertly designed cultural and culinary tours, experiential advice and detailed co-ordination unmatched in the industry today.

THE MISSION: Created with quality, comfort and impeccable taste in mind, our luxury tours offer the discerning traveler an opportunity to get inspired and get imaginative with personally-escorted travel plans.

Immerse yourself in rich traditions. Explore breathtaking landscapes. Enjoy intoxicating aromas. And experience the enchanting journey to each dreamy destination.

We promise to deliver an unforgettable retreat to the extraordinary.

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Going “Off the Grid” in Florence, Italy

Going “Off the Grid” in Florence, Italy With just a little bit of research, you can experience cities in entirely new ways. Of course, in a city like Florence, you want to see all of the world-famous monuments, paintings, and sculptures. After your done with the on-the-beaten-path tour, go “off the grid” and follow these … Continued

Finding Your Wanderlust – The Ultimate Guide to Travel After a Divorce, Breakup or Going Solo

Finding Your Wanderlust – The Ultimate Guide to Travel After a Divorce, Breakup or Going Solo When your reserves of humor and spirit are running low, and an epic breakup is the cause, you need a pick-me-up. A shopping spree? A tub of Häagen-Dazs? Better yet…how about a trip somewhere new and exciting? It may … Continued